Modeling may seem like a piece of cake, but a little training and experience can make the world of difference. Let’s face it, you have nothing to lose – taking modeling classes will help you learn the ropes and acquire skills needed to become a successful model, or just help boost your confidence in general by taking public speaking classes.

Performance skills are aspects such as:

  • focus
  • projection
  • musicality
  • timing
  • emphasis
  • walk

All of these aspects are connected to the way in which a model interprets the movements

These skills can be taught in class through the medium of the simple dance combination with modeling. If models understand from the outset that dancing combinations of movements is the process through which they learn how to model, then their performance skills are less likely to be elements that are added on once the movements have been learnt.

The focus on one’s self through physical fitness to raise self awareness, gain self confidence by learning public speaking skills and improve self image.

There is a place for everyone in the world. It is potential to follow your dream, to dream big and to stay encouraged. JC will take the challenge in our community to uplift and mentor individuals for their future success.

JC accepts models from all walks of life. Individuals of all race, physical appearance, cultural background and experience levels are accepted.

The only requirement we enforce is a strong passion for the modeling and dancing, and a commitment to pursue your dream.

Positive attitude is essential.
 JS teaches that success comes to those who are committed to the task at hand. Few other disciplines you study will so strongly help you develop motivation and commitment.

JC introduces some key skills and suggestions for how to develop these skills with students.

Dance is an art to communicates ideas through movement of your body in an expressive way. Students need to learn how to strengthen their body whilst developing a wide-ranging movements through dancing. The importance of an effective warm up before dancing is to prepare the body for physical exertion, which cannot be emphasized enough.

"It's an incredible opportunity working with Jaz creationz. Jasmeeta supports you with sincere advice and guidelines to be a great model. I'm looking forward to work with Jaz creationz in future events!"
Faby San Román

"I am very grateful to be a part of Jaz Creationz! Jasmeeta is such an inspiring woman. She taught me a lot in such little time. Great modeling coach! I also met some awesome people along the way. Thanks for the opportunity, I would love to work with Jaz Creationz again in the near future."
Jessica Rodriguez

"Jasmeeta Singh is really a very good instructor. I have been learning classical Indian dance for the first time, but it doesn't look that way from my dancing as she is correcting me for my small small mistakes until every movement is perfect. She is dedicated, and sincere, as part of her group, she takes care of me as if I were part of her family. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to study dance or modeling."
Nisha Vijay Gupta

"I truly enjoyed working with Jaz Creationz. The environment is very friendly and Jasmeeta is an amazing teacher!"
Michell Cardenas

"The best thing that happened to me after coming to Houston was getting to know about Jaz Creationz and meeting Jasmeeta Singh. I'm already a trained Kathak Dancer and Jasmeeta honed my skills to next level. An amazing choreographer, who will not settle down until each and every movement is just perfect! The extensive weekend practice sessions were all worth it."
Dr. Bharti Mohta

"Great opportunity and training for those who want to model and enter into pageantry. Jasmeeta is amazing at coaching both adults and kids. My daughter has so much fun in her class and it boosts her confidence. Highly recommend for all women, moms, teenagers, kids.. The coaching Jasmeeta offers in public speaking is extremely helpful in career and workplace.. I commend her for starting this unique and valuable and much needed training for younger generation."
Pavana Polineni Gadde

"The designs are phenomenal, the customer experience is unforgettable, the atmosphere is relaxing. Jaz Creationz are team players every step of the way. They will go above and beyond to help a client. A partnership worth many blessings. Be Boujie darlings!!"
Tiffany Young

"Jaz Creationz helped me improve my confidence on and off the stage. I made a ton of wonderful friends and learned a lot. Thank you!"
~ Mona Deo